In 2019, CESAR created interactive dashboards using data on drugs identified by Federal, State, and local forensic laboratories reported to the DEA’s National Forensic Laboratory Information System (NFLIS) as part of the original NDEWS Coordinating Center (2014-2020). This wealth of information allows the user to look at data across sites and across years.

  • Most frequently identified (MFI) drug reports, by year
  • MFI drug report trends
  • MFI drug report trends, by U.S. Census Region
  • MFI drug reports, by state and year
  • Drug reports for 3 NPS drug categories, by state and year
  • MFI drug and drug category reports, across states by year
  • Comparison of ranks for  Top 25 drug reports, across years by state
  • Comparison of number of different drugs in each of 3 NPS categories, across states and years
  • Drug reports by rank, opioid category and NPS category, by site, and year
  • Comparison of ranks for Top 25 drug reports across years by site, and across sites by year
  • Maps: Drug and drug category reports across site, by year
  • NPS drug reports across sites, by category
Note: Counts have not undergone any weighting or imputation adjustment to account for laboratory nonresponse and are simply the number of reports of drugs recorded and submitted by State and local laboratories.
Page last updated: 8/20/2020